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Aspect to the Sun

Open Hearted Tea 2oz

Open Hearted Tea 2oz

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Support cardiovascular function, lower blood pressure and release tension and anxiety in the nervous system with this heart opening herbal blend.

Cooling rose to bring in unconditional love and release grief. Rose provides emotional protection for the heart.

Hawthorn berries are restorative to the heart tissue and soothe a tender or broken heart.

Borage releases melancholy and brings in courage.

Motherwort is the most grounding herb for the heart. Think of motherwort as being the "loving mother" who soothes and calms the spirit with her gentle warmth.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) clears the mind and strengthens the heart/mind connection. This herb reminds us that our body is sacred, and allows for deep self love and self respect. Tulsi is one of the most powerful adaptogens, helping us to release stress and anxiety.

Add one heaping tablespoon to one cup hot (not boiling) water. Cover and allow to steep at least 20 minutes. Strain and enjoy as is, or add local raw honey.

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